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I'm adding this section to our web site, somewhat against Danny's better judgment, but I'm doing so because I think my observations may be helpful to others like myself, who know very little about this system of construction, and may also be as surprised as I was upon learning about it.

Since I've known Danny, he's often spoken highly about how impressive these homes are, but to be honest it held very little meaning to me until recently, when he invited me to attend the home show in April of this year (2011) to get a feel for the industry as a whole. I accepted his invite, and doubt I was there for more than 30 minutes before a couple, some clients of his, stopped over to the booth to say hi.  He asked them how their house was holding up, and they had nothing but praise for it. Then the conversation turned to a topic which was somewhat shocking to me, as told him they were still using the same tank of heating fuel that they filled up in the fall!! I found that hard to grasp, especially given where we live and how harsh our winter had just been, but they were most certainly smiling about that fact.

After they left, I mentioned to Danny, how I felt as though I had just been a part of a real life T.V. commercial. He just smiled and replied: "I know. It's surprising isn't it?" I half jokingly asked him if he had staged that display for my benefit, but I knew Danny better than that. At any rate, within the 4 hours or so that I was there, that same scene replayed itself over again several times and was a real eye opener for me.

Now as I drive to and from work each day, I notice quite a bit of new construction being erected in different regions of the province, and yet I'm surprised to see that so many people are still choosing "traditional" building methods, as opposed to considering this I.C.F. route. I realize that on the surface, building a home this way costs a bit more money, but the savings in heating alone, would offset that cost quite quickly. As the saying goes, the rest is just gravy!!

I was also very surprised to learn about sheer the quantity of different considerations, which Danny takes into account when planning and executing jobs, even if they seem relatively small on the surface. He once told me: "Some customers will never know how much effort goes into preparing an estimate for a project like this, let alone making it a reality." and I sincerely believe that now. I've grown a fond respect for how he not only tries to simplify those things for his clientele, but also for his honest, and "no corner cutting" approach to building these homes.


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