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Nudura ICF

Why Choose NUDURA?

The building materials you choose while building your home, will impact its value for the entirety of its lifetime. By choosing NUDURA's I.C.F. technology, you will be ensuring its value, while having the peace of mind that you've chosen the best solution. Aside from those already mentioned elsewhere on this site, additional benefits also include shorter construction times, higher overall wind endurance, healthier indoor air quality and overall longer lasting value. From NUDURA floor, ceiling and wall form technologies, this product maximizes home comfort, durability, and energy use efficiency significantly, simplifying the challenges of today's construction and architectural demands, while reducing your carbon footprint, and helping the overall environmental cause.

Environmentally Friendly - Building Green

Not only are NUDURA I.C.F. homes stronger, safer, healthier and more energy efficient, they are also environmentally friendly. NUDURA offers more than a product to construct walls with, but it offers an innovative to those who seek more than just a home. By using this product, you will have an energy efficient building envelope, providing mold resistance unlike traditional builds. By eliminating gaps in walls where moisture can seep in and collect, and cause dangerous mold and mildew growth, you greatly reduce the potential of developing those problem areas.

  • RECYCLED MATERIALS - NUDURA ICF block systems are manufactured from EPS. NUDURA’s unique DURAFOLD Technology web design is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene and steel.

  • WASTE REDUCTION – NUDURA offers unique technological ICF Block design which create less waste during the construction process, sending less waste to our landfills. *All waste is 100% recyclable

  • MOLD RESISTANT- NUDURA Forms have been laboratory tested and will not support mould growth.

  • NUDURA is also a proud and significant supporter of the LEED program, which focuses of greener building practices in terms of energy efficiency, and environmentally friendliness.  


  • With a NUDURA I.C.F. structure walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and a the forms have a non toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam ensuring maximum safety.

  • NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms act as an effective sound barrier, filtering out unwanted noise, dampening sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise creating comfortable working or living spaces for occupants.

  • NUDURA insulated concrete forming greatly reduces air infiltration, which greatly optimizes energy performance. NUDURA Forms combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete can provide R-Values as high as R-50, saving building owners up to 70% in energy costs.

  • Due to its design, NUDURA's walls have up to nine times more axial load resistance than a typical wood framed wall. NUDURA  Structures provide greater impact resistance and will withstand winds of up to 402 kph (250 mph) ensuring building occupants are safe and secure in almost any situation. The strength of the NUDURA wall comes from the solid concrete core.

  • NUDURA eliminates air gaps, minimizing the potential formation of mold growth and draft paths. The end result is an airtight structure that enables building mechanical systems to heat, cool and ventilate the icf block structure more efficiently, creating a healthier living and working environment for building occupants

  • NUDURA's accurately interlocking, lightweight forms make it a very adaptable system to a wide variety of efficient designs. Its concrete core allows for easy installation of doors and windows without compromising the structure of the home. Curved, sloped and extra tall walls aren't an obstacle with NUDURA's technology.

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