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Additional things to consider especially when applying for a mortgage:

  • -   Excavation fees can vary once a build has begun, especially if contaminated soil is struck, or the bedrock is too soft for the home's footings requirements.

  • -   Permits and legal fees add to the costs.

  • -   Working restrictions surrounding local hydro facilities. (Hydro companies may have to move or temporarily disable power lines,                install poles etc.

  • -   Backfill gravel requirements can also change, once the site has been excavated.

  • -   Municipal regulations and requirements, may add small but existent tasks to a build.

  • -   Surveying will be a requirement, at the onset of a build.

  • -   Connection of home to sewer & water lines and the related costs, if building within a community that has that infrastructure,      must be considered.

  • -   Driveway: Keep in mind the costs of paving, crushed rock fill or both.

  • -   Landscaping or lawn seeding, fill etc.

A home builder should be conscience of these things when submitting paperwork, estimates etc. to their bank during the setting up of the mortgage. A raw quote for a home may not include these, or only cover some.

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