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Brief History

In 1996, in the rural community of York, P.E.I. and from meager beginnings, Yorktown Construction began building homes with a relatively new and breakthrough technology to North America called Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F.)

By then, owner/contractor Danny Rochon already had over 20 years experience working in the industry, and could clearly recognise the significant benefits of this method of home construction. He wanted to build homes for prospective home owners which would be more efficient, environmentally conscience and durable than their more traditional counterparts, and focused his business around doing exactly that.

Since then, Yorktown Construction has been building I.C.F. homes and buildings in the P.E.I. area, for people seeking well built homes and looking for the benefits that this construction technology provides. Also since then, Yorktown Construction been perfecting it's technique of applying this technology, and we're very confident that for your dollar, we can provide the highest quality both in terms of product, and service.

We are not an extremely large firm, so we don't have high overheads and can keep our profit requirements low enough to maintain a competitive edge, but still providing a superior product.

On the surface I.C.F. home construction costs are slightly higher than traditional methods, but the energy savings for heating alone, will offset that cost in a surprisingly short amount of time. Considering all of the other benefits I.C.F. homes provide, we feel it's beyond being a worthy investment.

Yorktown Construction maintains a flexible staff, and is still able to take on smaller projects for our clientele, as well as being equipped to handle more than one large construction project at a given time. As a company, we're also trying to diversify and adapt to the ever changing market of needs for modern home owners.

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