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Building Concrete Homes for the Future

What we do, and why we do it:

Yorktown Construction is one of P.E.I.'s leading construction companies which specializes in insulated concrete form technology. We build I.C.F. homes with the NUDURA integrated building system,  which is superior to traditional wood based stick framing construction methods, on many levels. Some of the advantages to ICF home architecture are:

  • Construction is more efficient because once the blocks are assembled and filled, the walls are complete and ready for gyproc on the inside, and your choice of siding on the outside.

  • I.C.F. Homes are more comfortable and up to %70 more energy-efficient that traditional methods, while still allowing for flexibility of design, and significantly lower future maintenance costs.


  • The Integrated Building Technology of NUDURA makes it extremely flexible and versatile for use in a wide range of building applications. These include single family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, commercial units and institutional facilities.

  • Yorktown Construction offers freedom to architects and design professionals to come up with innovative and efficient designs for a wide variety of structures, because of the flexibgility of Nudura's accurately interlocking, lightweight forms.  If you home plans which are not I.C.F. specific, There is no cause for alarm. Unlike many other ICF systems, NUDURA be adapted to any home plan.

  • The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene, combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete makes NUDURA walls stronger and safer than typical residential walls. After rigorous testing, NUDURA walls have met and in many cases, exceeded statutory building codes, and also tend to require less long term maintenance.

  • I.C.F. homes are also significantly improved over traditional builds in the areas of both sound, and fire resistance.

  • The NUDURA product contributes to the Energy Star program and environment sustainability.

  • Service Life: Sustainability is partly about whether a product can increase overall service life. Insulated concrete forming products allow a building to stay in service longer with reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional construction. Buildings that have to be torn down after 50 years because the materials used in the first place were chosen on a cost basis, or on short term benefits, ultimately, have greater consequences on the environment

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